Makila Kai Information

Our goal is to create a working model for affordable workforce housing communities that can be replicated by us and other developers on Maui.  To accomplish this goal, we must be a good neighbor to the communities we build in and listen to their thoughts, ideas and concerns.  As part of the development process, we will analyze all the various factors that will be important in the process of creating a community.  These include but are not limited to potential environmental, economic, traffic, scenic and social effects to the communities and the potential benefits of the location to the workforce homeowners.

There is no disputing the need to provide affordable home ownership to the workforce people of Maui.  The question is how to do it in an area where the cost of land and construction are higher than the prices needed to make these homes work for workforce buyers.   In meetings with county officials, community activists, neighborhood homeowner's associations and immediate neighbors, we have heard some great ideas and legitimate concerns for this community.  The criteria listed below are a combined result of those meetings.

As we continue the process of permitting and constructing this community, we will be fine-tuning our model with ongoing communication with the public.  We welcome your input and invite you to email us on the link below.